Neighborhood Code and Construction Enforcement


The Code Enforcement Division is part of the Community Development Department. This division has two enforcement officers and their duties are to ensure compliance with local and state mandated regulations related to building construction, private property maintenance and property rehabilitation.

Code Enforcement Officer Jacqueline Harris (310) 802-5538.  The primary duty of the Code Enforcement Officer deals with current and existing structures. These duties include resolving zoning, property maintenance, illegal dwelling units, trash container and sign violations as well as bi-annual visits to businesses in the City to educate, address, and resolve sign, outdoor merchandise, and waste management issues. 

Residential Construction Officer (RCO)  Roy Murphy (310) 802-5506.  The primary responsibility of the RCO deals with the relationship between residents and neighboring major construction sites. The RCO acts as a liaison between neighbors and builders to resolve construction impact issues. This includes meetings at the beginning of construction with neighbors and builders as well as patrol for potential problems at construction sites.